Curbside SOS

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This client, Curbside SOS is a startup company that provides fast and cost efficient connection to towing and roadside service for everyday motorists. They were struggling to dial in on effective targeting and a very high cost per click and cost per conversion was holding them back from properly scaling. Their goal was to maintain and consistent flow of traffic and interest, as well as increasing quote requests and conversions through their new app.


We restructured their Google Ad account to keep up with best practices and created new, service-specific campaigns. We tested new keywords and audience groups to dial in on more cost effective traffic and scale up our winning ads.

In addition to the ad account rehaul, we refined conversion tracking and conversion goals to ensure we were getting accurate data from the app. By connecting this data to their ad account, we were also able to leverage this data to improve ad performance. 



6X increase in average conversions per month


Decreased cost per conversion by 82%


Achieved consistent online lead flow