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This client, Schoenherr Roofing wanted to get more residential leads for their roofing business. Although their business has been in existence for 26 years, they had never utilized digital marketing to its fullest capacity to scale their operation. They wanted a system in place to bring consistent quality leads in to help their growing model.


We developed a media buying strategy to drive targeted search traffic based on the client’s demographics and search intent of their audience. In addition to standard search ads, we also set up local service ads to increase direct call volume and maximize their desired call to action.

In combination with our search and call ads, we used photo and video content based around their current offers and guarantees to create social media ads. These were set to retarget web visitors and “lookalike” audiences (audiences with similar characteristics to previous leads/customers).



500 + total leads in 12 months

From $2m to $6M revenue or 300%


329 Phone Calls Leads in 12 Months


20,000+ clicks to the website in 12 months

15X return on ad spend