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Brand Story Videos

Marko Law

Marko Law struggled with finding his story in the midst of the noise of other law firms in the Detroit Area. We helped to clarify and to discover his unique selling point and authentically tell his story. We produced a 4 minute storytelling video that they have been able to use to drive new business and bring awareness to their firm

Emcura Immediate Care

Emcura Immediate Care reached out to us, because even though they had been expanding locations there wasn’t a central brand language that tied their mission together to communicate to their patients and community. We developed a story that could get to the heart of their practice and evoke trust that their company is the right choice for families in their area.


Squirleez were preparing to take their idea to the masses through a kickstarter campaign. They didn’t know how to piece their story together to be compelling for their crowdfunding objective and through our process we were able to compose a powerful story. The end result is that they were able to be fully funded before their deadline.

Polaris Private Wealth

Polaris Private Wealth is a newly formed wealth management firm that was looking for an edge in the marketplace. We developed a story around their past experience and an unique angle to relate consumers to alarm them of the big industry of investment firms. It ended with a heartfelt connection to their clients that brought the piece together.


Marko Law TV Commercial

We were given the challenge from our client, to develop a commercial campaign to help people recognize their firm name in a unique and funny way. We put together a seasoned team of writers, producers and production crew to develop a commercial spot that brought not only laughs but strong brand recognition in a competitive industry.

Truck Law Commercial

We were asked by a team of attorneys establishing a truck focused case firm for a video to raise the awareness of people’s rights in truck related accidents. We provided a creative approach to bring the audience right into the real life scenarios that happen on a daily basis. 

Front Door Market

Front Door Market was a startup looking to communicate their unique value proposition to their end consumer. We did months of research and consulting to pinpoint their target audience, their needs and what would speak to them the best. Then end result was a high quality commercial that reached their target demographic of moms in their area.

Solveary Pest Control

Solveary Pest Control is a new brand in the Michigan and Florida area that was looking to establish their name and needed a video to stand out against the competition. We helped to develop a compelling script and executed the production to put it all together. 

HHJ Trial Attorney

HHJ Trial Attorneys needed a TV Commercial campaign to make their stamp in the San Diego area. They wanted a clever way that would stick with viewers of what they should do when they get into an accident. We developed a character that could be a revolving role to speak on the firm's behalf.

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Marko Law

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