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Dallas, USA
Detroit, USA

Brand Story Videos

Marko Law struggled with finding his story in the midst of the noise of other law firms in the Detroit Area. We helped to clarify and to discover his unique selling point and authentically tell his story. We produced a 4 minute storytelling video that they have been able to use to drive new business and bring awareness to their firm

Paul Davis


Paul Davis of East Michigan reached out to us, because they were preparing for their launch of their new franchise. The owner had a unique story coming from a successful corporate America background to serve families who had tremendous loss. We wanted to highlight that story and build trust with potential clients for the brand.

Squirleez were preparing to take their idea to the masses through a kickstarter campaign. They didn’t know how to piece their story together to be compelling for their crowdfunding objective and through our process we were able to compose a powerful story. The end result is that they were able to be fully funded before their deadline.


Front Door Market


Front Door Market was a startup looking to communicate their unique value proposition to their end consumer. We did months of research and consulting to pinpoint their target audience, their needs and what would speak to them the best. Then end result was a high quality commercial that reached their target demographic of moms in their area.

Puppyoo was a Chinese vacuum brand looking to break into the American market. We were given the task to create a demo product video to show the interesting features of their product in comparison to their competition. The end result was a clear and high end commercial video that was used for their Amazon product placements to increase sales.

Non-Profit Videos

Timmy’s Story


Love for a child is a kids camp dedicated to serving abused foster children. Timmy’s story of being a foster child himself and now serving the same kids he used to be was too powerful not to highlight. We spent a week with Timmy at the camp to tell his story and the video was used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the camp to help reach more foster children.

Mukwenda quickly understood and empathized with my desire to tell the kind of story that I wanted to tell…in the way that I truly wanted it told. They say that storytelling and content production are part art and part science.
Brian Thomas // Paul Davis Restoration of East Michigan | Former CMO Harley Davidson & Volkswagen